American households rely on a broad range of consumer products to make everyday life easier and more enjoyable. As consumers, we assume that the items we purchase have been thoroughly tested for quality and safety. Unfortunately, the corporations responsible for producing these products do not always have our best interests at heart.

Each year, thousands of adults and children are seriously injured by consumer products. In 2012 alone, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that an estimated 265,000 children were hospitalized or treated for toy-related injuries. Even more alarming, the Commission estimated that over 35,000 people were killed as a result of defective products in 2008. In 2010, more than 38 million Americans were treated for injuries related to a consumer product.

At The Williams Litigation Group, we believe manufacturers have an obligation to put safe products out into the marketplace. We believe you have a right to expect the highest product safety standards for your family. And we believe in fighting for justice for those hurt by defective, unsafe products. Unlike other personal injury firms, we do not approach cases with a settle-at-all-costs attitude. Instead, we work one-on-one with the clients we serve to find and pursue the best legal solutions for each particular case. Because we are trial lawyers, we have the skill, experience, and resources to aggressively defend your rights.


State and federal laws impose strict guidelines on the companies that produce consumer goods. From designers and manufacturers to distributors and retailers, each party in the chain of distribution has a duty to ensure the items within its control are safe. To prevail on a product-related personal injury claim in Georgia, a plaintiff must prove that the product in question was defective and that it caused his or her injury.

When consumer products lead to injury and death, victims and their families have a right to seek fair compensation. At The Williams Litigation Group, we represent plaintiffs in a wide variety of product liability matters, including:


Mistakes in the production process can make otherwise safe products dangerous to consumers. Typically, these manufacturing flaws are confined to a specific lot of items produced on a certain day or within a specific time period. Georgia courts typically use a "strict liability" standard in these cases, which means manufacturers are liable for resulting injuries regardless of the amount of care used during manufacture.


In defective design cases, every unit produced is fundamentally unsafe. Under Georgia law, courts hold designers liable for negligence in cases where the evidence shows that an alternative design would have resulted in a safer product.


When companies place inadequate warning labels on the products they produce, people get hurt. Faulty instructions can also lead to serious injury and death. We pursue injury claims against manufacturers that fail to follow state and federal regulations regarding warning labels and product use and assembly instructions.


As consumers, we like to believe that corporations are honest about the items they produce. In reality, many companies cut corners for the sake of profits. This leads some companies to delay pulling dangerous items off store shelves until it is too late. If you have been injured by a product that was later recalled, we can help.


If you or someone you love has been injured or killed by a defective product, it is important to act as soon as possible. Georgia law limits the amount of time you have to file a claim. Contact our office for a complimentary discussion about your case.