Child Abduction

When a couple is married, they both have physical custody rights to their children unless the court intervenes and directs custody otherwise. Parental abduction or kidnapping is the basic idea that a child’s parent can be criminally charged with the abduction of their biological child. If one parent removes, retains, or conceals a child from […]

Does Your Insurance Cover Getting Hit As A Pedestrian-bicycle

Not everyone drives a vehicle in order to navigate their cities and towns. There are plenty of people who rely on their bicycle, or they simply walk, as their primary mode of transportation. Even though they may not be in a car, there is still a possibility of an accident happening that can lead to […]

Punishments Given in Criminal Cases

Throughout the years, different kinds of punishments have been authorized and implemented by the U.S. Government to ensure the correct safety standards for all citizens. However, criminal activities can be of various kinds. Therefore, one pre-determined punishment does not justify all illegal actions. Due to these reasons, different punishment styles have been constructed based on […]

When Should I Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Having a personal injury lawyer can be expensive at times. However, one should always keep in mind that they might be missing out on huge compensations from the accused party in the absence of a personal injury attorney. Many people choose to self-represent in personal injury cases because they think they have all the facts […]

The Difference Between Aggravating Factor and Mitigating Factors

In criminal law, many aspects are thoroughly evaluated before coming to a conclusion. Many factors are dissected for proving someone guilty or deciding the severity of the punishment. The outcome must be fair and justifiable for the accused. Therefore, to maintain equitability in criminal offenses, mitigating and aggravating factors are taken into consideration. Aggravating Factors […]

Dealing with a Motor Cycle Accident

Motorcycle Accidents: Dealing with a motorcycle accident claim requires an attorney with years of expertise. It helps to understand what expenses can be compensated and the potential damages of being involved in a case. Economic And Non-Economic Damages in Motorcycle Accidents: The attorney will be assigned to determine the kind of expenses to which you […]

wet floor

What to do Immediately After an Accidental Injury

You might have been there before when you’re shopping at the grocery store and slip on a wet floor when there’s no sign in sight or you’re carrying groceries and trip on the uneven and unmaintained sidewalk outside. In many cases, these types of accidents result in an injury. Even if you weren’t injured, it’s […]


Understanding Criminal Trespassing and Its Consequences

It can be hard in some cases to know the difference between public and private property. Even with no trespassing signs, the average person may not know what constitutes trespassing or what the consequences of doing so are. What is Criminal Trespassing? Trespassing is broadly defined as the unlawful entry onto the property of another […]

nursing home

Expectations Your Loved Ones Have When Going to a Nursing Home

Making the decision to place your relative in a nursing home is not an easy choice. If you are trying to make decisions for your loved one, there are criteria you need to look for, because you want to choose a nursing home that will take care of your family member and protect them. Here […]

disorderly conduct

Do You Have Any Ground to Stand On When Facing Disorderly Conduct Charges?

You are out at a bar or a party having a wonderful time. The next thing you know, you are in the back of a police cruiser facing a disorderly conduct charge. If you don’t think you did anything wrong, do you have legal recourse? It depends. Here is some information you need to know […]