How PPP Relief Can Affect Bankruptcy

Business owners here in Georgia have had to face most of the same challenges and difficulties that their counterparts in other states have had to deal with during the coronavirus pandemic. Two-plus months of nonessential business and office closings have left a devastating toll on many small and medium-sized business owners. As a result, many […]

Can Covid-19 Actually Help Your Bankruptcy Case?

As the country continues to reopen and tries to recover and move forward while still dealing with the effects of the coronavirus and the havoc it has wreaked on people’s personal and financial lives, folks in here in Georgia aren’t shielded from any of life’s realities which still exist. And for people who are contemplating […]

What You Need to Know Before Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Folks are grappling with financial hardship because of the COVID-19 pandemic. With our government restricting movement (with good intentions) the economy has taken a major hit; the income-streams of a lot of people have been affected, and their savings are running dry. This pandemic has driven many folks into debt, causing them to entertain the […]

Has Coronavirus Affected Your Business? Here are Five Ways to Protect Your Company from Bankruptcy.

The COVID-19 pandemic has hurt the global economy. With people locked away in their homes, and businesses shut down, the economic ramifications cannot be wished away. Considering that most small businesses rely on their daily revenues to pay off their debts, the slow economic activity caused by Coronavirus is likely to push them into payment […]

Coronavirus Places Stress on Household Finances

Have You Recently Been Laid Off or Having Trouble Paying Your Bills Due to the Coronavirus? Bankruptcy is never a situation in which anyone plans to find themselves in. In many instances there is a feeling of failure or guilt associated with having to actually go through the legal processes of declaring yourself financially overwhelmed […]

Coronavirus: Early Release for Low-Level Crimes

Coronavirus Update: Due to Coronavirus, these are certainly unique and uncertain times that we find ourselves in today. Who could have imagined even a month ago that our entire way of life would suddenly be upended, businesses and activities that we enjoy on a daily basis suddenly being canceled and closed, all because of an […]