Can DUI Convictions Impact Alternate Licensing?

Can DUI Convictions Impact Alternate Licensing?

Professionals from daycare workers to physicians are required to have a license to practice. In many instances, when a person has a professional license, they have to report any criminal convictions they receive to their supervising board. A criminal conviction may result in a temporary suspension of a professional license or in the complete loss of a license. Thus, employment in one’s chosen field could be lost either temporarily or permanently. Some professions will not revoke a license for a misdemeanor charge, but they may do so if you fail to report being charged with a criminal offense.

DUI Makes Life More Complicated in Many Ways

It’s common knowledge that an arrest and ensuing conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI) can make life more difficult. First, you have to deal with the stress of being arrested and the cost of retrieving your vehicle from an impound lot. This is followed by criminal court appearances, where you face fines, jail time, probation, and possibly prison time if convicted. In addition, a DUI conviction can impact your driver’s license. Fighting having your license revoked involves even more court appearances, and costs time and money. In almost any case, a DUI conviction can complicate your work life. For example, those who drive for a living face numerous legal hassles in order to keep driving for work and pilots may face special consequences involving their ability to fly. Similarly, those with a medical license, a medical certificate or a permit to practice medicine may also be affected if convicted of a DUI.

Multiple DUIs Have Even More Challenging Outcomes

Having several DUIs can be devastating to those with a medical license or any other type of license provided by the state, such as a liquor license, a pilot’s license, or a commercial license.Reporting to the FAA that you have received a single DUI charge will probably not keep you from flying or result in your pilot’s license being suspended. However, if you have been arrested, charged or convicted of a repeat-offense drug and/or alcohol charge, you may have to cope with revocation of your license.

Possible Additional Outcomes for Medical Professionals

In addition to the basic results of a DUI conviction discussed above, medical professionals can lose their licenses, certificates, or permits, or be restricted in the practice of medicine as a direct effect of a DUI. The two scenarios most likely to impact one’s ability to continue practicing medicine are felony DUIs and situations where an individual is unable to practice skillfully and safely due to alcohol or drug use.

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A Criminal Defense Attorney’s Presence Can Reduce Consequences in Many Criminal Cases

A Criminal Defense Attorney’s Presence Can Reduce Consequences in Many Criminal Cases

If you have been charged with a crime, you will want to hire a criminal defense attorney. As criminal law is so complex, it is important to work with an experienced attorney. You certainly do not want to look back on your case in years to come and regret not taking certain steps. For example, choosing to represent yourself may be a big mistake, especially if it turns out that there is more at risk than you first thought.


Overall, hiring an attorney to represent your case comes down to working towards a great result. Your attorney will aim to achieve the best acceptable outcome for your specific situation. Everything that your attorney will do and every step they take will be with your best interests in mind. They will aim to get you the lightest possible sentence with the minimum number of penalties so that it impacts your life the least.

If you did decide to represent yourself in court, prosecutors and courts may often take advantage of this. As a result, you could find yourself being given bigger penalties without much clarity.

Professional Advice and Counsel

When you hire a criminal defense attorney to represent your case, they will be working on your behalf. But their service goes beyond simply representing you in court. Hiring a criminal defense attorney also means that you will be able to seek their advice and counsel at times of need when it relates to your case. If you ever want to take certain actions but are unsure if it is possible or if your actions will be restricted because of your case, your attorney can offer clarity.

As criminal cases can affect your life in different ways, it is important to have someone you can speak to, like the experienced attorneys here at Williams Litigation Group. For example, if you want clarification on whether your case will impact your ability to renew your drivers’ license, apply for jobs, etc, your attorney will be able to offer a specific answer about your situation. As your attorney will know your case personally and throughout, they will be able to provide an answer based entirely on the facts. An attorney’s advice is simply irreplaceable and valuable. Call us for advice on how to proceed today!

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Why It Is Vital to Never Speak Without Your Attorney Present

Why It Is Vital to Never Speak Without Your Attorney Present

The military adage “loose lips sink ships” applies as well to legal proceedings. Virtually everything that a plaintiff or defendant says or does can be used by the opposing counsel to weaken the credibility of testimony or lead to severe legal repercussions such as perjury charges. When in doubt, parties that are involved in trials or communicating with law enforcement should refrain from speaking without the presence (or guided counsel and training) of their attorneys. Attorneys can advise their clients on the consequences of off-the-cuff utterances and can exert rights that will exclude illegally obtained responses and confessions from use in a court of law.

Limitations on the Attorney-Client Privilege

Attorneys are legally and ethically bound to honor the attorney-client privilege and keep conversations between them and their clients confidential. However, the presence of a third party almost always nullifies attorney-client privilege. And attorney-client privilege does not apply to information that a client tells to a third party separately from a protected conversation with a lawyer.

Be Careful When Talking to Law Enforcement

The “Good Cop, Bad Cop” trope is truth in fiction. Law enforcement will offer incentives and sympathy in order to coerce a defendant into voluntarily giving up evidence or a confession. Without a lawyer present, the defendant’s words are admissible in a court of law. Also, any lie – whether it is deliberate or accidental – can be damaging evidence that can lead to a conviction even when the defendant is completely innocent of the charges against them. Defendants being held by law enforcement should say, “I want to speak to my lawyer” and withhold further conversation until legal representation is present.

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How to Begin Expunging Your Criminal Record Before the Holidays

How to Begin Expunging Your Criminal Record Before the Holidays

If you have a criminal record, you may want to give yourself the holiday gift of expungement. Having your record expunged doesn’t mean your convictions or arrests vanish, but it does mean that your record is sealed. You can have your record expunged in every state, though the requirements and the process may be a little different in each one. Once you have expunged your record, you no longer have to disclose those arrests or convictions to landlords, employers, or anyone else. A background check will not reveal any expunged records.

Can Your Charges Be Expunged?

The first step to expunging your record is to do some research into your local and state laws. Some jurisdictions may only allow you to expunge misdemeanors and other low-level crimes. You may not be able to expunge a felony or certain crimes.

If your charges can be expunged, you next need to look at whether or not you are personally eligible. Some jurisdictions only allow a record to be expunged once you have completed your sentence. Some require you to also complete your probation.

File a Motion for Expungement

If your charges are eligible for expungement and you meet all of the qualifications required, you next need to file a motion for expungement. This paperwork is fairly straightforward, but you do need to make certain it is completed correctly and filed with the correct court. If there are any errors made, you may not get the chance to re-file until after the holidays. The exact paperwork and process varies from location to location.

Who Can See Expunged Records?

Once your record has been expunged, it will only be visible to certain people. Law enforcement and the courts, for example, will still have full access to your record. Certain licensing boards, especially those for professions that have access to controlled substances or will require the use of firearms as part of their job, will also have access to this information. Despite these limitations, though, expunging your criminal record is worth it, especially since it can be the one thing holding you back from getting a job. Expunging your record gives you the gift of a blank slate and allows you to start the new year off on the right foot.

What Responsibilities Do You Have if Ever Presented With a Search Warrant?

What Responsibilities Do You Have if Ever Presented With a Search Warrant?

If you or a loved one ever finds themselves in the unfortunate circumstance of being served with a search warrant for their home or place of business, it is vital that you understand the steps that you should and should not take.

While you do not want to do anything to interfere or make the situation worse, you also don’t want to contribute to your own arrest or prosecution. The criminal defense attorneys at the Williams Litigation Group have been defending people in Georgia in these types of situations for years. Here are a few things to know:

Cooperate and Allow the Police to Do Their Job

Once you have been presented with the legal documentation granting permission to authorities to search your property, the best thing to do is to stand to the side and offer no resistance. Lack of cooperation will only make matters worse and could lead to an arrest right on the spot when there may not have been one otherwise.

Do Not Offer Any Assistance or Extra Permissions

While you do want to avoid any kind of issue with the police and the conductance of their search, you also do not want to be overly accommodating by providing them permissions or access to parts of your property which are not covered under the terms of the warrant.

One of the first rules that a criminal defense attorney gives to their clients is to simply stand to the side and let the police execute the search. Don’t accidentally set yourself up for more trouble by allowing anything more than what the warrant dictates.

Immediately Contact a Legal Representative When They Leave

The very first thing that you should do once law enforcement has left your property is to call a criminal defense attorney. The experienced and seasoned professionals at the Williams Litigation Group here in Brunswick will be able to offer the advice and instruction you need before your case proceeds any further.

Another good tip is to take pictures of every area in your home or place of business where officers searched before touching anything. You never know what evidence may come in handy later on.

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Coronavirus: Early Release for Low-Level Crimes

Coronavirus Update:

Due to Coronavirus, these are certainly unique and uncertain times that we find ourselves in today. Who could have imagined even a month ago that our entire way of life would suddenly be upended, businesses and activities that we enjoy on a daily basis suddenly being canceled and closed, all because of an unseen enemy threatening our health and livelihoods?

Well, the coronavirus has done exactly that. And for folks who find themselves in the unfortunate circumstance of being in jail during this time, their concerns for their own health and safety are even more warranted than usual. This is where legal experts such as the team at the Williams Litigation Group become crucial in guaranteeing your own personal wellbeing.

Unique Requirements in Unprecedented Times

This all leads to the fact that that some places, including numerous areas in New York have realized the need to release those arrested and accused of minimal offenses in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19 among the jail population. If you or someone you care about finds themselves in this type of situation, it is imperative to contact someone who is actively working on getting these types of people released from incarceration.

Health and Wellbeing are Basic Human Rights

The foundational argument for all of this is the fact that everyone, whether they have been accused of a crime or not, deserves the right to stay safe and healthy at all times, especially during a global health pandemic such as what we are seeing with the spread of the coronavirus. While this highly infectious virus is difficult to contain even out in the world, the conditions which exist inside jails make them a virtual petri dish for infecting others.

Safeguarding Yourself and Those Around You

The experts at the Williams Litigation Group understand that desperate times call for desperate measures. No one arrested on minor charges like third-degree felonies, criminal traffic offenses, misdemeanors, county and municipal ordinance violations, non-violent offenses, or other low-level crimes should have to stay inside cramped and confined spaces which do nothing but increase the spread of such an incredibly infectious virus. If you are over the age of 60 and/or suffer from serious chronic medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, or lung disease, you are at high risk of fatality from the Coronavirus.  Get in touch with your loved one today and contact the attorneys at Williams Litigation Group to see if you are a good candidate for an early release as more and more cities and counties begin to move in that direction.

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